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2017-02-24 07:50:11

Bingo - sorting the balls

This christmas was way different than the previous christmas. I moved from Brasil to Canada and for the first time I was away from my family, but with some very good friends.

Some of those friends play Bingo during x-mas night, instead of exchanging gifts and we played - my daughters loved! So, today out of nowhere, she came up with the idea of playing bingo. She built some bingo cards and she wanted me to play the numbers.

hum... We don't have balls, but we have a computer. So I decided to write a python script to sort the balls.

It should sort them, but with some interesting requirements.

2017-02-24 07:50:11

Spammers attack !

So I thought that writing a completely custom blog system would keep me away from spammers. Oh! terrible mistake. I wrote a very simple commenting system, without concerning about spam attacks and voila. I started receiving lots of spam in every single post.

Temporarily I'm disabling comments.

Any comments, please reach me on twitter - @thiedri


2016-09-29 23:01:56

Class proxy in D - Remote invoke

I was thinking to myself some other day how could I do a wrapper for any class for, make it remote invokable or maybe auditable ?

For this, I'd like to have the following:

  • Runtime coupling - No, nay, never ! It MUST be validated in compile time
  • Easy syntax
  • Totally generic code
  • In D, because I'm learning this language and I want to keep comfort zone away
2016-09-13 22:29:42

Comment support added !

Many visits on those last months. My parents visited me, my bother and sister-in-law visited me. We all had lots of fun, but my blog was forgotten for some time, but...

Now we have comments !!!!

2016-07-02 14:25:22

New features and a bit about D

I've written a considerable number of features since I listed the So far good progress! I already wrote the following features:

2016-06-28 00:25:23

Blog basics

I think that before entering in any specific feature, is interesting to show how the basic http server was made.

Is it really from scratch ?

Yes and No.

2016-06-27 00:25:23

Statistics - first feature !

I was asking myself what will be the next feature. Right now I have the implemented:

  • Post list - raw
  • Post view - very basic
2016-06-25 00:25:23


First, let me introduce myself.

I'm a brazilian author of two other blogs, Simply C++ and Blogaro! and passionated about development and programming languages.